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Pedestrian Gate VIZIT-KSN-15-R(L)

Pedestrian Gate VIZIT-KSN-15-R(L)
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Pedestrian Gate VIZIT-KSN-15-R(L) provides access control to the fenced grounds of residential complexes, as well as furnishes housing for doorphone units. VIZIT-KSN-15-R(L) has embedded panel with mounting box and weather shield for doorphone units mounting.

VIZIT-KSN-15-R(L) package includes:

  • Swing gate KSN-15-R(L);
  • Door closer VIZIT-DC503S ARCTIC ;
  • Door closer weather shield;
  • Handle with fasteners;
  • Electromagnetic lock VIZIT-ML305;
  • Mechanical lock (for overnight locking);
  • Button for exit “EXIT 500” with mounting kit MK-RD;
  • LED module VIZIT-LM-1, 2 pcs.;
  • Mounting box/shield МВК-5А (2 LED modules, mains socket 220V) for doorstation, control unit, access control system, power supply unit;
  • Dimensions (W x H) – 1460 x 2200 mm;
  • Weight – 65 kg.

Options available on request:

- installation of RD-5F (RD-4R) reader;
- rework of МВК-5Р front panel to fit a particular doorstation.  


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