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SFITEX 2008 in Saint Petersburg



On June 3-5 a meeting of the directors of the VIZIT Group was held in Kiev (Ukraine) with the director of the company VIZIT.EU present. Approval was given at the meeting for the supply of products for Ukraine for 2H 2008. Information on the participation of VIZIT.EU at the IFSEC 2008 exhibition in Birmingham was also presented, while participation in the PRAGOALARM (Prague, CR) exhibition and the IFSEC 2009 (Birmingham, UK) exhibition was agreed to.


VIZIT. EU took part in the international exhibition of industrial security products IFSEC 2008, which took place on May 12-15, 2008 at the N.E.C. exhibition centre (Birmingham, UK).





At the MIPS international exhibition (Moscow, Russia) which took place on April 14-18, 2008, the VEGA model line of colour video-phones won first place in the “Best Innovative Product” in the category of “Entrance Monitoring and Control Systems”. The expected timeframe for the production launch of the VEGA series is 2009. A meeting of directors of the VIZIT Group was held at the exhibition with the participation of the VIZIT.EU director.





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