VIZIT.EU, s.r.o.
Pešova 1086/2
184 00 Prague 8-Dolni Chabry

Czech Republic
+420 606 060 328



VIZIT Group was represented at the Bezpeka (Security) exhibition in Kiev. VIZIT.EU company received from the central Ukrainian distributor orders for deliveries of foreign licensed production in 2011 at volume of USD 1.4 m.


VIZIT Group held the seminar for the largest distributors at the Izmajlovo-Alpha hotel in Moscow, which was attended by 35 companies. New products were introduced, and occasion of supply chain optimization was discussed. VIZIT.EU also participated at the seminar.


VIZIT Group presented its production at the MIPS 2010 exhibition in Moscow.


Домофоны и видеодомофоны VIZIT. Системы контроля доступа. Металлические двери. ООО НПФ «МОДУС-Н» Украина, Киев «Торговая Домофонная Компания» ООО Чехия, Прага VIZIT.EU, s.r.o.
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