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Czech Republic
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In EZU Prague the 4th stage of VIZIT Group product certification was successfully completed and 18 products received the CE certificates. Total 53 VIZIT´s products have been certified already.


A Catalogue of products for foreign customers offered by VIZIT.EU has been issued in the Czech language. It contains 62 products. Format A5


A meeting with representatives of VIZIT Group, Maxim Dallas (USA), ProLabs (India) took place in Prague, regarding possible business cooperation


А Catalogue of standard audio and video sets for small houses and multi - apartments buildings was issued in the Czech language in A4 format

The first page of catalogue


During the exhibition MIPS 2009 Moscow, where VIZIT Group presented its products, a lot of meetings took place between representative of VIZIT.EU and business partners, and also with representatives of parent company, where the tasks for VIZIT.EU were specified.



Representatives of VIZIT Group together with MAXIM Dallas (USA) carried out initial marketing meeting in India. Subsequently the analysis of options of involvement into the process of VIZIT Group was considered.

Домофоны и видеодомофоны VIZIT. Системы контроля доступа. Металлические двери. ООО НПФ «МОДУС-Н» Украина, Киев «Торговая Домофонная Компания» ООО Чехия, Прага VIZIT.EU, s.r.o.
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